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Boost your visibility and create more content in less time - it's like having a magical podcasting assistant! We offer simple plans built for growing podcasts like yours. Try Podflow for free, no strings attached.

/ month
1 upload / month

Go ahead and give it a try! We think you'll love it.

/ month
4 upload / month

Spend more time creating phenomenal content!

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8 upload / month

Consistency is everything - we'll help you keep your audience engaged.

Pay As You Go
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A flexible plan for those with varying publishing schedules or high volume.

Pay as you go
/ upload

A flexible plan for those with varying publishing schedules or high volume.

What's Included?
Show Notes
Timestamped Outline
Pro Sound Studio
Social Media Content
Blog Articles
Guest Introduction
Title Suggestions
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podflow?

Podflow is an AI-powered tool built specifically for podcast hosts. It repurposes podcast episodes into marketing copy and show notes optimized for growth, so that podcast creators can spend more time creating insanely good content.

Why Podflow?

We focus on simplicity and accuracy. Podflow uses your knowledge, your perspectives, and details from your episodes to create growth content that you can trust - and you don't need to waste time learning how to use it!

What do I get with an upload?

Show notes, tons of marketing content, and access to our pro sound studio.

What if I need more credits than my plan allows?

No sweat - you can upgrade to a subscription that allows more uploads per month, or use our pay-per-upload plan. This pay-per-upload plan can be used in combination with any other subscription plan that we offer, and you will only be invoiced for the uploads that exceed your current plan's limit.

Do you help me edit my podcast audio too?

Yes - we've added an AI-powered noise removal and volume leveling service. This ensures that your audience has an amazing listening experience whether you recorded on your phone or in a studio. We call this feature the "Pro Sound Studio", and is included in all plans.

Can I try podflow before purchasing a plan?

Absolutely! We offer 1 free credit per month - it takes 5 minutes for Podflow to work it's magic, and you don't even have to give us your credit card info. If you don't love us, no hard feelings!

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