How To Use Partnerships to Grow Your Podcast
Grow Your Podcast Audience with Podcast Partnerships. Partner with other podcasts in your niche to tap into a new listener base and foster continuous growth.
Podflow Staff
June 8, 2023

Introduction: Moving Beyond Audience Spikes

While there are quick ways to grow your podcast, such as buying ads or securing featured placements on popular podcast platforms, these strategies often result in temporary audience spikes. To achieve sustainable growth in the long term, it's essential to focus on building partnerships with other podcasts. Collaborating with podcast friends who share an audience overlap can help you tap into a new listener base and foster continuous growth. In this guide, we'll explore the concept of podcast friendships and provide a step-by-step blueprint for setting up your podcast partnership campaign.

I. Why Podcast Friends?

  1. Access to a Relevant Audience: Partnering with podcasts that have an audience similar to yours allows you to reach potential listeners who are already engaged in the podcasting medium. Converting existing podcast listeners to your show is easier than introducing podcasting to someone entirely new.
  2. Opportunities for Collaboration: Working with podcast friends opens up a world of collaboration possibilities, sparking creativity and expanding your reach. From guest swaps to joint episodes, there are endless ways to collaborate and create valuable content together.

II. Setting Up Your Podcast Friendship Campaign

  1. Create a Spreadsheet: Start by creating a spreadsheet to keep track of potential podcast friends. Include columns for the podcast name (with a link), podcast description, contact person's name, contact information, and partnership ideas.
  2. Finding Podcast Friends:
  3. a. Search Apple Podcasts: Search for your own show on Apple Podcasts and scroll down to the "You might also like" section. Explore podcasts recommended by Apple based on audience overlap. Evaluate each podcast's recent activity, content type, and ratings. Add suitable podcasts to your list.
  4. b. Utilize Rephonic: Use Rephonic's 3D audience graph to visualize your show's audience and identify podcasts that share audience overlap with yours. Investigate these shows and add relevant ones to your podcast friendship list.
  5. c. Explore Podcast Directories: Search websites like Listen Notes and GoodPods, which offer podcast directories and search features. Look for shows similar to yours and add them to your list.
  6. d. Player FM Search: Conduct a targeted search on Player FM using specific keywords related to your podcast's niche. Explore the search results, focusing on recent episode publication dates. Add relevant shows to your list.
  7. Expand and Refine Your List: Identify recurring shows that appear in multiple search sources and conduct a deeper investigation. Continue adding shows to your list until you have a healthy number, ideally between 50 and 75.

III. Building Relationships and Reaching Out

  1. Gather Contact Information: Research each podcast to find contact information. Visit their website or social media pages to locate email addresses or other relevant contact details. In some cases, searching for the show's RSS feed can help uncover associated email addresses.
  2. Define Partnership Ideas: In the "Playdate" column of your spreadsheet, brainstorm collaboration ideas for each podcast friend. Consider guest swaps, joint episodes, panel discussions, or any other mutually beneficial collaboration.
  3. Craft Personalized Pitch Letters: Write concise pitch letters, ideally between 100 and 300 words, tailored to each podcast friend. Keep the tone personal and friendly, explaining why you believe a partnership would be beneficial and suggesting potential collaboration ideas.
  4. Initiate Contact and Follow Up: Reach out to your podcast friends with your pitch letters, expressing your interest in working together. Be prepared for potential responses or requests for a call to discuss collaboration ideas further. Engage in meaningful conversations and explore innovative ways to collaborate.

Conclusion: Nurturing Sustainable Growth Through Podcast Friendships

Podcast friendships are a powerful tool for achieving slow and constant growth in the podcasting world. By partnering with podcasts that share an audience overlap, you can connect with the right people who will become loyal listeners and advocates for your show. Regularly nurturing these relationships and engaging in creative collaborations will not only expand your audience but also enhance your podcasting journey. Embrace the concept of podcast friendships, have fun with the process, and get ready to welcome a wave of new listeners to your show.

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