Leveling volume for podcast participants in post production - here's how
Whether you're recording via zoom or in a professional studio, ensuring that every participants volume is level is crucial. Here's a quick way to solve for uneven volume levels.
Jacob Zinn
April 5, 2023

Hi, and welcome back! Have you ever listened to a podcast where one participant was more quiet than the other? I have, and this is a painful experience. Let's dive into ways to fix this issue after all of the audio has already been recorded.

The hard way :(

  1. Download a complex audio workstation like GarageBand, Adobe Audition, or Audacity
  2. Add your audio tracks
  3. Increase the volume of one of the audio tracks. Note that this also increases any additional static noise.
  4. Export the 2 audio tracks
  5. Recombine the audio tracks and publish

The easy way :)

  1. Visit app.podflow.ai
  2. Upload your audio
  3. Let Podflow use AI to level the volume between participants
  4. Publish your new crystal clear audio!
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