How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Feed Swaps
Feed swaps are a great way to reach new listeners and promote your podcast to a wider audience. Here's how to do it with some helpful tips for success!
Podflow Staff
June 7, 2023


As a podcast listener, you're likely familiar with promo swaps, where shows read short promotions for each other. These swaps are effective for discovery, as listeners trust the recommendations from podcasts they already enjoy. However, an even more exciting opportunity for exploration exists: the feed swap. In this article, we'll delve into what a feed swap entails, why it works so well, and how you can successfully execute one.

I. Understanding Podcast Feed Swaps

  1. Defining a Feed Swap: A podcast feed swap, also known as a podcast episode swap, involves two shows agreeing to feature entire episodes of each other's podcasts on their feeds. Each podcaster adds a brief introduction to explain that the episode is a special feature from another show, ensuring transparency and avoiding a bait-and-switch feeling.
  2. The Gift to Listeners: A feed swap, when done right, is seen as a gift to your audience. By offering a high-quality episode from another show, you provide your listeners with the opportunity to discover new content. Similarly, regular listeners of the other show's feed may be enticed to follow your show in return.

II. The Benefits of Podcast Swaps

  1. A Deeper Connection: Unlike 30-second promo descriptions, feed swaps allow listeners to truly immerse themselves in the content of a new show. It serves as a comfortable introduction, akin to when a trusted friend introduces you to someone new.
  2. Enhanced Discovery: Feed swaps provide an ideal platform for listeners to explore podcasts they might have otherwise missed. By showcasing an entire episode, you give listeners a more accurate representation of what the show has to offer, increasing the likelihood of engagement and long-term listenership.

III. Executing a Successful Podcast Feed Swap

  1. Identifying Compatible Shows: Begin by finding a show that aligns well with your own. Consider a few episodes from your podcast that would resonate with their audience, ensuring you select your best work. Additionally, find an episode from their show that would appeal to your listeners.
  2. Crafting the Partnership Proposal: Draft a personalized note to the other podcaster, expressing your interest in setting up a mutually beneficial partnership. Clearly outline the episode exchange proposal and highlight how it will benefit both shows. Use the provided template as a starting point.
  3. Negotiating Terms: Once the other podcaster expresses interest, engage in a negotiation process. Assess the download numbers of both shows over a 30-day period and aim for a balanced exchange. If the shows are of different sizes, explore alternative ways to even out the partnership, such as social media posts, mentions in newsletters, or varying episode durations in each feed.
  4. Considering Timing: Strategic timing can amplify the impact of a feed swap. Plan your campaign around holidays or when people are more likely to have free time to explore new content. Additionally, reach out to shows that have been inactive for a while or have concluded their seasons, as they may appreciate the opportunity to keep their feed active.
  5. Finalizing the Agreement: Once the terms are agreed upon, document the agreement and provide the necessary copy for the episode description and introduction. Ensure that the other show has the information needed to properly introduce your episode to their audience.

Conclusion: Empowering Growth and Discovery

Podcast feed swaps possess the potential to be superpowers for your show's growth. By providing your listeners with fresh and engaging content from other shows, you offer them an exciting avenue for exploration. These swaps create a win-win scenario, allowing both shows to reach new audiences and foster long-lasting connections. Embrace the opportunity to engage in feed swaps, execute them thoughtfully, and watch as your podcasting journey expands to new horizons.

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